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Why Delorean?

As an initial entry to responding to customer’s business requirements in making the paradigm shift
which is strategically crucial at this juncture, we wish to elaborate the core competencies of Delorean
to build the background awareness required. Delorean consists of 4 key disciplines that makes a wellbalanced, competent and agile team to deliver an end to end IT solution that a customer required.

IT Infrastructure & Support Service

From networking to datacenter or cloud, any IT infrastructure
requirement is catered under this practice. This is backed with strong competencies on IT security,
ethical hacking, IS audits and compliance as well as front end (level1) Desktop support. Hence this team
would cover any technology aspect from laptop/desktop to servers, network & connectivity, IT security
and all elements of IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Also known as the software engineering or Dev. teams, this practice
covers the technology stack Java/J2EE open source platforms to Microsoft .Net based development
platforms. The majority of business applications developed are on open source and mobile technology
(Android/iOS) based, but we cover a decent range of .Net and SharePoint based development as well.
The DBMS technology used as a standard is Oracle, but we are supporting other flavors such as MySQL,
PostgreSQL and MSSQL as well.

ERP Solution –

This exclusive discipline has built competency and professional practice on outsourced
or out of the box enterprise solutions. These solution are being sources initially to cater the business
requirement of Expolanka Corporate and its line companies. As of now we have leveraged and gain
competencies of these technology platforms to provide professional implementation service through
number of years of training, patience, hands on experience, professional certification, necessary
partnerships and finally confident competencies/skill set. The three main product categories fall in this
section are Oracle eBusiness suite & Business Intelligence, J D Edwards Enterprise One and Enterprise
Business Applications for Travel & Leisure Sector.
Finally, the team consists with senior leadership members having 15 to 20 year range industry
expertise, which will comprise the right blend of competencies to deliver an IT solution of true value to
the customers.